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Thank you so much Sandy for being available to interlock my hair. I love it! I wish I would have met you months ago. My husband and other family members gave me compliments. When I first had my hair done by another young lady, no one said anything; but once you gave it a bit of a different look the way it was styled to the side, everyone praised you for your work; and the scalp treatment was amazing! I will definitely be back. I cant wait to make my next appointment.

Chandra – Detroit

After almost a year wearing Sisterlocks™, I took the retightening class. Doing it myself was challenging at first; but remembering what Sandra and my instructor Robin taught me, I was able to get back on track. Sandra Fields had done such a great job with my hair that I was able to continue enjoying the Sisterlocks™ lifestyle.

Andrea – Ecorse

My hair feels and looks amazing!! My loctician gave me the best scalp treatment and my scalp feels great. She even put some lock jewelry in my hair. I never thought the day would come when I would be decorating my hair but I love it. Sisterlocked and loving it!!!

Vurseana – Detroit

I called several different contact numbers for Sisterlocks™, left messages and no one called me back. When I called Sandra she answered on the second ring. This alone speaks for itself. Throughout the session she further illustrated her professionalism. I wouldn’t have known she was a “trainee” if she hadn’t told me.

Andrea – Ecorse

I used to dread getting my hair done in a home environment; unless it was my home because of all the interruptions involved with being at someone’s home (kids, calls, emergency store runs, etc.). Didn’t have that problem here. Sandy was all about business. Nothing interrupted the session except break time which surprisingly wasn’t many nor were they length you would expect after so many hours. I am not sure if I was the one doing the work I could have held up as well as she did.

Joni – Saginaw

Sandy is extremely knowledgeable, as well as accommodating to my schedule. She has taken excellent care of my Sisterlocks™, since I’m just beginning my journey. I look forward to continuing my journey with Sandy at the helm.

Sherri – Detroit

I started off my Sisterlocks™ with permed ends. After almost 3 years there was still some indication of my permed ends and my locks were fuzzy. I found Sandy while doing a search on “grooming Sisterlocks™” She was very accommodating and has great communication skills which impressed me from the beginning. I love the after effects of what my hair looks like after the grooming. I can now wear my hair up without being concerned about the little afro peeking out my scalp. 🙂

Tomeia – East Detroit

I was a bit cautious, knowing that my grandmother was a new trainee. But I am very satisfied and happy with the way my hair looks. Thanks Grandma! I love you.

Jaron – Detroit

I have THE BEST loctician. Her name is Sandra Fields of Detroit, MI. She has my locs growing down my back. I love her. She’s the best!

Tynia – Harper Woods

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