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Welcome to My Own Hair! located in Southfield and specializing in Sisterlocks™, a natural hair system that allows women with tightly textured hair to take advantage of a wide range of today’s hairstyles — i.e. up-dos, braid-outs, twist-outs, pipe cleaner sets, roller sets, and many more!

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Owner Sandra Fields


My hair feels and looks amazing!! My loctician [Sandy] gave me the best scalp treatment and my scalp feels great. She even put some lock jewelry in my hair. I never thought the day would come when I would be decorating my hair but I love it. Sisterlocked and loving it!!!

East Detroit

Get a Sisterlocks™ Professional for Your Hair

Wearing our hair in its natural state alleviates the damage associated with chemicals, weaves, micro braids and removing added synthetic hair. The Sisterlocks™ hair care system and accompanying product line is the perfect way to achieve the beautiful look you have always wanted. It uses no glue, waxes, gels, butters, chemicals, or extensions. Over time, your hair will grow longer with more volume than ever before; and when people ask (and yes they will ask) about your crowning glory, you will proudly respond, “It’s my own hair!

You don’t even have to cut off your relaxer! Sisterlocks™ can be started with as little as 1-1/2″ of virgin hair. The relaxed ends will be trimmed over time as your locks lengthen and mature.

So whether you wear it freestyle, in an updo, ponytail, or curled, your Sisterlocks™ locking session will be the beginning of a new love affair with your hair! No more bad hair days! And the true beauty of Sisterlocks™ is that they look different on everyone. Your hair is like a fingerprint. In a room full of Sisterlocks™ no two heads will ever look the same. Your locks will be unique to you!

Your hair is your crowning glory; so with several Trainees and Certified Sisterlocks™ Consultants available in the Detroit Area, I am honored and delighted that you are considering me for your Sisterlocks™ journey. We will form an exclusive relationship between you, your locks, and me. It takes both of us working together to achieve the beautiful look that is the hallmark of Sisterlocks™. Together we will develop an individualized regimen for your specific hair type, and I am confident that you will enjoy this amazing and liberating experience every step of the way as we travel this road together.

For answers to many of the questions people have about Sisterlocks™, see my F.A.Q. page, and please feel free to contact me directly. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or to set up a consultation appointment.

To learn more about Sisterlocks™, click here to visit my official page. 

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